Remove the annual license registration label from its piece of paper and stick it on your new license plate for your chopper. Use a screwdriver and crescent wrench to attach the legal license plate to the back of your helicopter or to the frame of your license plate. Take your mini chopper with you for a ride. Since 2009, Tom Lutzenberger has been writing for various websites covering topics ranging from finance to automotive history. Lutzenberger works in the areas of public finance and politics and advises on a variety of analytical services. He received a Bachelor of Arts in English and Political Science from Saint Mary`s College and a Master of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing from California State University in Sacramento. Transport the mini chopper by truck or by means similar to the DMV or state police so that it can be inspected. Bring all your receipts to show proof of purchase of the bike legally. Allow the inspector to inspect the vehicle and verify your documents, including the contract for the purchase of the helicopter and engine. Obtain a vehicle inspection approval form signed by the inspector. Obtain a new chassis number for your vehicle and engine from the inspector if one does not already exist.

Front and rear traffic lights are installed for legal use on the street! Complete the required DMV forms and documents so that your state can create the title on your behalf for the mini-chopper (all legal vehicles must be titled). Bring the signed documents and means of payment to file your application for title and pay the required fee. Arrange a vehicle inspection appointment for your mini chopper with the DMV or with the state police. Completely assemble your mini chopper so that it is in working order. Make sure you have a working headlight, brake light and turn signals on the helicopter and that they are all working properly. Confirm and locate the vehicle identification number on the frame and engine. Use a phone to inquire first with your local DMV office to make sure vin numbers have not been used by another motorcycle or scooter registration when your mini chopper is in use. If you have built your own scooter or mini-chopper motorcycle from a kit, you cannot use the bike or scooter on public roads until you have legalized it. Each state has its own rules, which are administered by a State Department of Motor Vehicles in this regard.

Although the details vary, the basic requirements are the same. The vehicle must be able to drive itself, have a sufficient engine size to get to the highway (usually 180cc) and must have adequate lighting. No mini chopper, motorcycle or scooter will be legalized without meeting these requirements. The process isn`t difficult if your bike is well designed, but you`ll have to deal with bureaucracy to make your vehicle fully usable on the road. High quality braking system for sudden stops and better maneuverability. FREE FRONT AND REAR HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKES (VALUED AT $150) FREE UPDATED FRONT AND REAR TURN SIGNALS (VALUED AT $50) The 2018 Villain Chopper 250 features hydraulic front suspension for more control and stability when riding the bike. The enhanced high-performance CDI chip provides a larger spark that increases the recording speed, top speed and overall riding experience of the motorcycle. Venom Support is IS Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m.

to 7 p.m. EST at and 1-855-984-1612 FREE IMPROVED HYDRAULIC FRONT SUSPENSION ($175 value) Return to DMV office after inspection approval after reinstalling your vehicle in the garage. Pay the final closing costs to register your vehicle, get your new license plate and annual labels. Collect your plate and labels once your registration package has been approved and completed with the VDD clerk. 15-INCH ALUMINUM WHEELS AND TIRES UPDATED FOR FREE (WORTH $200) FREE ONE-YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY ON ENGINE/TRANSMISSION (WORTH $100) The all-new 2018 Villain Chopper motorcycle is here! The Villain Chopper 250 has been completely redesigned and upgraded to epa specs and has a Honda-based® 250cc 5-speed 4-stroke engine! Only available in manual transmission for real experienced cyclists! The all-new Villain Chopper 250 Super Pocket Bike is factory set at a top speed of 75 mph. It includes traffic lights (front and rear), DOT-approved headlights with high beams and dipped beams, an improved chrome front fork, electric push-button start, emergency start, LED rear brake lights, improved 15-inch wheels that embrace the ground, cross-drilled rotors with performance brake calipers, hydraulic disc brakes, 15-inch wheels, a dashboard with speedometer, a 2-gallon lockable gas tank and a high-performance CDI that meets the Villain Chopper adds extra torque and power to start! FREE AND IMPROVED HIGH-PERFORMANCE CDI CHIP (WORTH $70) Larger rims allow for better handling and ride stability. Also gives the bike a nice look for a stylish finish. The tires have been upgraded to high-performance tires with a rated power of 100 mph. The Villain Chopper 250 has such a good engine that we`re going to secure it for a whole year. If it becomes defective or has problems due to manufacturing problems, we will repair or replace it for you.

Damage caused by accidents, misuse, negligence, malfunction of the vehicle is not covered.